The Children of Noh Illustration

The Children of Noh is a Japanese inspired illustration project which I am working on. It has some features of Noh theater masks.

Addresses concepts such as innocence, redemption or acceptance of our own demons. I used to make the characters masked childlike. They Use ko-omote Noh masks, representing serene-looking young women. These masks are not neutral expression in actual fact, can show sorrow or joy, depending on the angle or lighting are shown.

Arwassa Children of Noh


Little Red Riding Hood

By request of the Inkscape development team, I recorded the complete drawing process of my “Little Red Riding Hood” illustration. Around 4 hours of work in a 8 minutes video. Leer más


“Nak-Nak and her Servants” custom Symbiote

Final images of my custom for the upcoming “For the love of Vinyl” show at Dragatomi opening this Saturday. “For the Love of Vinyl” features customs on the Symbiote vinyl platform by 25 talented artists, designers, and customizers from all over the world. Leer más